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Questions Frequently Asked By Seniors

Once I provide Gregory A. Ebenfeld, P.A., with all the information they need to make the application for Medicaid, how long does it take to be approved?

Once all the required documentation is given to us, we make an application to the Department of Children and Families (DCF). This is the state agency that processes Medicaid applications. It may take more than 60 days to achieve approval. Unfortunately, there is no way to know how long the DCF will take to process your application. Regardless of the amount of time it takes to gain approval, in most cases the Medicaid coverage is retroactive to the month of eligibility.

What if I have assets and income over the ICP Medicaid limits?

There may be several options for people to still qualify for Medicaid even if their income and assets are over the limit. We work hard to give you every possible option.

What is the five-year look-back period?

Under current law, there is a look-back period by which DCF can go over the senior's past 60 months and assign a penalty (expressed in terms of months of ineligibility) for large gifts made during that time period. If you have made large gifts, we can offer some solutions.

Am I required to have an attorney in order to protect assets or income?

Under the current Florida Supreme Court opinion, a non-attorney cannot assist or even give information about a person's particular Medicaid eligibility status and different ways of asset protection available.

Will Medicaid take the homestead property?

No; in Florida, if the property is homestead, it will be protected in most cases as long as the Medicaid recipient, their spouse, dependent children or a disabled adult child lives in the home. The state does have the right to take the home upon the death of the Medicaid recipient, but this rarely happens.

What is Medicaid Pending?

Many facilities may choose to allow their residents to move into their facilities and pay only their monthly income while they wait for the Medicaid ICP to be approved. Many of these facilities charge the full rate until the Medicaid ICP is approved.

If a person moves out of state, can Medicaid benefits be transferred to another state?

Unfortunately, Medicaid programs are not reciprocal from one state to another state. If someone moves from one state to another, a new application to that state is required.

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